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Dr Phil Hammond is an NHS doctor, journalist, broadcaster, speaker, campaigner and comedian. He was born in the NHS and brought up in Perth, Western Australia, ¬†leaving at the age of 7 when his Australian father took his life. Phil was a lecturer at the universities of Birmingham and Bristol, training medical students and doctors […]

OPENSHAW, Prof Peter

Peter Openshaw works on the pathogenesis of viral lung disease, aiming to understand protective vs. pathogenic immunity and to find ways to modulate virus-induced inflammatory disease. His work has focused on the effects of age on immune responses, the origins disease in infancy and in immune responses of old age. Trained in adult pulmonology, physiology […]

BAULD, Prof Linda

Linda Bauld holds the Bruce and John Usher Chair in Public Health in the Usher Institute, College of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. She is a behavioural scientist whose research focuses on two main areas: the evaluation of complex interventions to improve health, and how research can inform public health policy. Linda leads two […]

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