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Dr Amrita Vijay is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Twin Research, King’s College London. Amrita completed her MSc in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Nottingham before commencing her PhD in Oral health at King’s College London. In 2016, on completion of her PhD she then worked as a research scientist for the start-up company ‘Map My Gut’ founded by Professor Tim Spector, head of the Department of Twin Research and also of British Gut. Working for ‘Map My Gut’, she gained extensive knowledge and experience in the field of the human gut microbiome. In 2017, Amrita helped set up and carry out the first dietary intervention study carried out within the TwinsUK cohort. The study is a proof-of-concept nutritional intervention study targeting the gut microbiome. In addition, she has been involved in carrying out a multi-centred study focused on predicting responses to immunotherapy for patients with Melanoma, using both the gut microbiome and metabolomics. With key interest in the area of the human gut microbiome and diet, Amrita has offered her expertise to renowned food and nutrition authors including Professor Tim Spector, for his upcoming book.