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SRIDHAR, Dr Thiagarajan

I am a Consultant Clinical Oncologist based at the University Hospitals of Leicester. I specialise in the treatment of Lung Cancers, Head and Neck cancers and Oligometastatic disease from various cancers. I have extensive clinical and managerial experience, previously been the Clinical Lead for Oncology in Leicester and South East Midlands Oncology centre.

I have been involved in the significant development of advanced radiotherapy in Leicestershire, with introduction of newer techniques and created the opportunities for Leicester to be on the map as one of the leading centres for Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy. I was instrumental in getting University Hospitals of Leicester accredited as one of the first few centres to deliver Stereotactic RT in the UK. I am currently a mentor for other new centres starting to deliver SABR

I am the prncipal Investigator for many Specialised Radiotherapy trials and work very closely with my colleagues incorporating radiotherapy into the treatment strategy to improve the outcome of advanced Lung cancers.

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