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GRAHAM, Professor Janet (Co Chair)

Consultant Medical Oncologist. The Beatson West of Scotland, Glasgow.

Dr Graham is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at The Beatson West of Scotland, and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Glasgow, where she treats colon, pancreas and upper GI cancers. Along with being GI team lead her main focus is on maximising patient opportunities to take part in clinical trials; she is Chief or Principle Investigator on a number of early and later Phase clinical trials.

Dr Graham is also Clinical Lead for the West of Scotland Colorectal Cancer Managed Clinical Network and until recently chaired the NCRI adjuvant and advanced colorectal subgroup. She now sits on the newly formed NCRI Colorectal Executive Group. She is a medical advisor to Bowel Cancer UK and advises NICE and SMC on new medicines in GI indications. She sits on a number of trial management groups including ADD ASPIRIN, ARIEL, FoxTROT and NEOPRISM and is Chief Investigator of the PRIMUS 001 trial (part of the PRECISION PANC platform) and FOxTROT 4 (exploring the role of targeted therapy pre operatively BRAF mutant colon cancer.

She is on the faculty for Oncology Forum where she co-chairs the upper GI session. Dr Graham has worked hard over recent years to ensure equitable access to BRAF, RAS and MSI testing for colorectal patients along with HER2 testing for gastric cancer. She also has a key role in education at the Beatson where she is the lead trainer for IMTs and and also supports the undergraduate programme and is clinical supervisor for medical oncology trainees in GI cancers.

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