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SEYMOUR, Prof Matt

Matt Seymour is a Medical Oncologist who qualified in Medicine from Cambridge and the London Hospital, then trained in general medicine and oncology in Stoke-on-Trent and London before moving to Leeds in 1995.  From 2004 he has been Professor of Gastrointestinal Cancer Medicine in Leeds, and from 2010 he has also been involved in national networking for clinical cancer research delivery in England, holding leadership positions in the NIHR Clinical Research Network and its predecessor, NCRN. From 2010-20 he oversaw the UK National Cancer Research Institute’s clinical research groups.  He has served as chair and board member on research grant award panels including the NIHR’s Efficacy & Mechanisms Evaluation programme, Cancer Research UK’s Clinical Trials and Translational Research panels, and the French National Cancer Institute’s Clinical and Translational research panels.

Matt’s own research in gastrointestinal cancer is focused on optimising the use of drug therapies for patients with colorectal and oesophagogastric cancer. He has designed and led a large number of clinical trials  demonstrating efficacy and optimising drug dosing, delivery and timing, and several large national randomised trials to change clinical practice. He was one of the first to establish the practice of routinely asking all patients participating in trials to donate tumour and blood samples so that molecular characteristics of the tumour could be established which correlate with the drug efficacy or toxicity. This work has involved close partnership with pathologists and other laboratory scientists in Leeds and elsewhere.


Gastrointestinal cancers can occur at any age but are particularly common in the elderly, and a second theme of Matt’s research has been to establish better treatment options for patients whose age or frailty makes standard full-dose treatment schedules too toxic or risky. This has involved establishing better ways of assessing patients’ fitness and better ways of measuring and balancing the benefit or unwanted effects of treatment

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