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RIEU, Dr Romélie

Romélie Rieu is a senior clinical oncology registrar and is currently the National CTRad Proton Beam Radiotherapy Fellow. Her role as the PBT Fellow is to support the development and delivery of PBT studies as laid out by the UK Proton Beam Therapy Strategy Group. She is also undertaking an MD(Res) in this topic from The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR).

Romélie graduated from Oxford University with a First Class Honours in Medicine in 2011 and commenced speciality training in the South London rotation in 2016. She is completing her MSc project researching the role of AI and Computational Imaging Analysis to predict side effects of radiotherapy, a collaborative project between the Royal Marsden and the ICR.

Alongside advanced radiotherapy and clinical trials, she is particularly interested in education and peer support and is the Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) Representative for London.

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