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Isabelle Ray-Coquard
Professor of medical Oncology, Centre Leon Bérard, Université Claude Bernard Lyon

Past President of the GINECO group, Professor of medical oncology in University Claude Bernard Lyon I and medical oncologist in the regional comprehensive cancer Center Centre Leon Bérard (CLB)

Born:        07-10 -1967            – Nationality: French

Isabelle Ray-Coquard, MD, PhD, is medical oncologist in the Medical Oncology Department and the Institute for Clinical Science at the Centre Leon Berard, the regional Cancer Center in Lyon, France. She is also Professor of Medical Oncology in University Claude Bernard Lyon I, France.

Prof. Ray-Coquard obtained her medical degree in 1997 specializing in oncology. In 2003 she received her PhD from the Université Claude Bernard for her research on the factors that determine medical practices in oncology. Prof. Ray-Coquard also received Master’s degrees in medical economy in 1996 and in statistics in1995.

Since 2005, she has served as Chairman of the gynaecologic group for clinical trials of the French National Cancer Institute (INCA) and she is currently the Network Director of the national observatory dedicated to rare ovarian cancer (www.ovaire-rare.org), a network funded by the INCA commission and dedicated to the management of all rare ovarian cancer.

At the Groupe d’investigateurs national evaluation des cancers de l’ovaire (GINECO), she has been active in the translational research advisory committee, the scientific committee, the rare tumors committee, and as a chairman of endometrial cancer subgroup. She is the current Past-President of GINECO. Since 2002, She is also developing translational research dedicated to ovarian cancer with the INSERM within the CRCL directed by A Puisieux within the CLB campus, and more directly with  the research Team 11 of CRCL.

Since 2009, she is the chairman of the rare cancer working group from GCIG (gynaecological cancer intergroup) dedicated to clinical trials in the field of all gynaecological cancers.

Prof. Ray-Coquard is an active member of a number of professional groups, including the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the American Association for Cancer Research, the Connective Tissue Oncology Society, the French Society of Cancer, the European Association of Cancer Research, the EORTC organisation and the European Society of Medical Oncology.

University and hospital Positions

  • September 2014 – Professor of Medecine in medical oncology; University Claude Bernard Lyon I.
  • 2005 – : Head of the EMS Research group EA4129 Univ. Cl. Bernard Lyon I (Centre Léon Bérard, CLB)
  • 2008 – 2013 Head of the French NCI (INCa) Gynaecologic  Research group
  • 2010 – 2013: Vice, then President of the GINECO group
  • 2010 – Faculty Member of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Faculty for Gynecological Cancer
  • 2010 – Director of the Network of Reference Centers for rare ovarian cancer (TMRO) of the National Cancer Institute (Inca) in France (22 centers, www.
  • ovaire-rare.org)
  • 2013 – Past President of the GINECO group

Fundamental Research activities

  • 1996-1999: Ph.D: determining factors for medical practice in oncology
  • 2005 – : Chair of the EMS Unit (medical practices and organization in oncology, INSERM EA 4129 Centre Léon Bérard (crcl.fr)
  • 2015-: Co chair of the EAM (University supported research unit) HESPER

Clinical Research activities

  • 1999 – : investigator of the EORTC group
  • 2000 – : investigator of the GINECO group
  • Since 2000, between 100 and 200 patients included in clinical trial per year
  • Since 2005, Principal investigator of phase I, II, III (national & international trial)
  • 2012- : Chairman of the Rare Tumor Commitee of Gynecological Cancer InterGroup (GCIG)
  • 2013 – : PI of the Alienor trial (randomized phase II for sex cords stromal tumor, international cooperation); recruitment 44 pts on going
  • 2014 – : PI of the HGUS trial dedicated to undifferentiated uterine sarcoma (randomized phase II, international collaboration) recruitment 10 pts on going
  • 2015- : Intanational PI of the PAOLA1 trial (randomized phase III in 1st line EOC evaluating combination of olaparib plus bevacizumab inmaintenance therapy.
  • 2016- : PI of the PembroNeOvar trial (randomomized phase II trial) evaluating pembrolizumab in combination with neoadjuvant chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone then combination with bevacizumab in 1st line EOC management.

Scientific Societies and Academic expert group

Member of the following scientific societies:

  • 1997 – American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
  • 1999 – European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)
  • 2000 – European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)
  • 2000 – Société Française du Cancer (SFC)
  • 2000 – Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS)
  • 2001 – GINECO group (scientific commitee)
  • 2010 – European Society of Gynecology Obstetric (ESGO)

International Collaborations, Publications & H Factor

  • EU : ENGOT, EORTC, Milan, EU
  • International: GCIG, Australia, Japan, US
  • International publications in oncology more than 260
  • H factor 52