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QUINN, Dr Barry

Biography Dr Barry Quinn RN

Barry Quinn PhD, MSc, PG Cert Teaching, BD, Bacc Phil, RN

Director of Nursing for Cancer and Palliative Care/Senior Lecturer

Barts Health NHS Trust, London, United Kingdom

Barry has worked in the field of cancer and palliative care for 30 years as a clinician, researcher and educator. He is the Chair of both the ‘UK Oral Management in Cancer Care Group’ (UKOMiC) and the ‘European Oral Care in Cancer Group’ (EOCC), consisting of expert doctors, nurses and health care practitioners working in the field of oncology and haematology with a particular interest in addressing oral complications arising from malignant disease and treatment. Barry is also the Chair of the European expert group ‘Managing Advanced Cancer Pain Together’ (MACPT), exploring ways to manage pain in the advanced cancer setting. Barry has published numerous articles on a range of cancer issues including leadership, oral care, pain management, sexuality, person centred care and advanced disease.

He is the Director of Nursing for Cancer and Palliative Care at Barts Health Care, a large teaching hospital in London and is a Visiting Senior Lecturer at City University, London. Barry is the consultant editor for a leading UK nursing journal, sits on the board of a number of international journals and reviews articles for nursing and medical publications.


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