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Professor Allan Hackshaw

Allan Hackshaw is Professor of Epidemiology & Medical Statistics at University College London, and Director of the CRUK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre. He has >32 years’ experience in the design, conduct, analysis and interpretation of clinical studies and systematic reviews, in a variety of disease areas including cancer treatments and diagnosis, and adult and prenatal screening. This has included phase I-III clinical trials, major cohort/case-control studies, and large real-world data studies such as TRACERx (UK genomics study in lung cancer) and WAYFIND-R (international registry of cancer patients undergoing next generation sequencing). He has published more than 200 journal articles and book chapters, and sole or first author of five textbooks. He leads modules on evidence-based medicine and clinical trials for postgraduate courses at UCL and the London School of Economics. He is joint editor of the Journal of Medical Screening, and sits on the UK National Screening Committee (Adult Reference Group).

Date of prep May 2024

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