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I am a physiotherapist in Cancer Care at Guy’s and St. Thomas NHS Trust. I specialise in older people with cancer supporting the Geriatric Oncology Liaison Development (GOLD) team. I have a growing passion for cancer rehabilitation as it is a truly unique area of physiotherapy where we get to see patients throughout their cancer journey and are often able to make a rewarding difference. As a multidisciplinary team, we complete comprehensive patient assessments and provide support for patients with often complex clinical histories at any stage of their cancer diagnoses. My role also includes running a face to face and virtual supervised exercise class for cancer patients with  physical deconditioning and symptom burden in order to aid them to improve their physical activity. I also deliver a weekly hydrotherapy session tailored for cancer patients to help in the relief of associated symptoms of cancer. Together our team aims to improve health and maintain or optimise physical function, manage symptoms and enhance a cancer patients’ overall quality of life.

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