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Megan is a Senior Specialist Dietitian and Macmillan Professional and has been working at The Royal Marsden Hospital in a service development role as part of the Senior Adult Oncology Programme, which aims to prehabilitate and rehabilitate older adults with cancer, since 2021.

During her career, she has led on multiple service developments / quality improvement projects in prehab and rehab and has further specialised in the area by completing the ‘PROSPER Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation for people living with cancer’ MSc module in partnership with Macmillan. As a result, and following abstract/ article submissions, she regularly presents her works at study days and conferences, both nationally and internationally, and is undertaking a pre-doctoral fellowship in 2023-25. She is a Preceptorship champion within her Trust, a member of the Oncology specialist group of the British Dietetic Association, and an Allied Health Professional member of the Society of Geriatric Oncology.

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