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  • Employed as Head of Clinic at the radiation oncology department, Ghent University Hospital (10/2012 – current).
  • Senior Clinical Investigator of the Research Foundation – Flanders (Belgium) (FWO) (10/2012 – current).
  • Assistant professor at Ghent University – Department of radiation therapy and experimental cancerology (10/2015 – current).


Our group is involved in the multidisciplinary management of urothelial cancers with a strong research focus on prostate cancer. In this field we have followed and implemented new technologies such as IMRT, SBRT, VMAT as well as new systemic treatments . Another important focus is the implementation of new diagnostic tools in the re-staging of prostate cancer and implementation of metastasis-directed therapy for prostate cancer with limited metastases (oligometastases). A recent interest in this field is the development of prognostic or predictive biomarker panels for which collaboration with several other departments has been established inside and outside Ghent University.