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Dr Olsson-Brown graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology, before training in Medicine at the University of Liverpool. She is currently a Consultant in Medical Oncology at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Liverpool and an previous MRC Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool. She specialises in the treatment of melanoma, sarcoma, immunotherapy related toxicities and delivery of early phase trials. She is also the Chair of the Academy of Trainee Doctor Group at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the recent past-Chair of the National Oncology Trainees Collaborative for Healthcare Research (NOTCH). Her clinical interests include the use and toxicities of cancer immunotherapies, and her research is based on understanding the immunological events that occur in the presence of immunotherapy that lead to toxicity. She has established and is the clincal lead of a regional pan-tumor immunotherapy service which supports patients on immunotherapy and those experiencing toxicity. 

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