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NARAHARI, Mr Krishna

Krishna Narahari is a Consultant Urological Surgeon & R&D Lead @ CAV UHB & Hon Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University.


Over the last decade, he has led significant improvements in the provision of urological cancer services in South Wales including developing and leading a highly successful regional collaborative South Wales Robotic Urological surgery programme with over 2500 patients treated successfully to date.


He has served as the Chair of BAUS Oncology (British Association of Urological Surgeons), NICE Prostate Cancer guidance committee, NICE advisor, NPCA (National Prostate Cancer Audit), NHSE Urol Cancer plan and FRCS Urol examiner.  His research interests include optimising cancer diagnostics, developing and testing novel biomarkers for early detection of cancer, assessing impact of cancer interventions on patients and health services and integration of clinical research into multi-professional team working and clinical practice.

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