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Dr Claire Mitchell is a Medical Oncology Consultant based at Christie NHS Trust in Manchester specialising in the treatment of gynaecological cancers and carcinoma of unknown primary. In addition to her clinical role at the Christie Hospital she also provides clinical sessions in acute at Manchester Royal Infirmary a large acute trust in the centre of Manchester. Alongside her clinical role she is clinical lead for SACT for the Christie NHS Trust.

Since becoming a consultant Claire has been an active member of the regional acute oncology group at GM Cancer; for 8 years holding the position of clinical pathway lead for acute oncology. During her 8-year tenure she helped to develop acute oncology services and CUP services throughout the Greater Manchester and Cheshire network. She remains the network lead for Carcinoma of Unknown Primary for the Acute Oncology Greater Manchester Pathway group continuing to focus on improving patient care and outcomes.

She is a contributor to The Manchester CUP Research Group who have successfully presented their research in peer review publications and conferences, and supported education events.

Nationally Claire is a board member of the UKAOS and continues to provide support to the society through educational events and conferences. Previously sitting on the NCRI CUP group she continues to support the national CUP research group.

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