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MANSOOR, Professor Was

Professor Was Mansoor is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester and was the Clinical Director of Medical Oncology until 2020.

Professor Mansoor moved to Manchester in 1998 to do his PhD looking at the relationship between cancer (in particular upper GI cancers) and the immune system and attained a PhD exploring genetically modified T cells (chimeric) against upper GI cancers. As a consultant, he continued his UGI service and immune related research and became the upper GI lead. In particular, his research is now exploring the difference in T cell receptor repertoire and tumour immune related microenvironment within immune responsive versus immune resistant patients. Along with this research, he became interested in nutritional matters relating to these cancers. He now leads a group of researchers looking at aspects regarding anorexia, cachexia and sarcopenia. In particular, he is interested in outcomes relating to these conditions and their possible immune mechanism. He also developed an interest in lung neuroendocrine tumours and other rare cancers. He has built up one of the largest lung NET practices in the UK and is well published in many aspects of this rare group of cancers.

Professor Mansoor was previously been the North West Training Programme Director for Medical Oncology and in 2013 and chairs the Systemic Therapy Research Program for the Christie Hospital, Manchester. He is a member of many national and international committees.

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