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Dr Anna Kirby is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist specialising in the treatment of patients with breast cancer. She leads research into novel breast radiotherapy techniques at The Royal Marsden and Institute of Cancer Research, London. She is Chief Investigator of the UK HeartSpare and HeartSpare-Plus studies, Chief Clinical Co-Ordinator of the IMPORT breast radiotherapy trials, and breast lead investigator on the CORE trial evaluating the role of stereotactic radiotherapy in treating oligometastatic disease.

Dr Kirby graduated from Cambridge University in 1995 with a first-class honours degree in Medicine and Psychology. Her specialist oncology training was completed at The Royal Marsden and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals following which she undertook a research degree at the Institute of Cancer Research. Her publications describe methods for improving the accuracy of breast cancer radiotherapy and for reducing late side-effects of treatment including heart disease.

Her work in heart-sparing breast radiotherapy has changed national practice. Her current research interests include combining breath-hold with volumetric-modulated arc therapy to minimise heart and lung doses in women requiring internal mammary chain radiotherapy, and investigating the applications of proton beam therapy & MR Linac technology to the treatment of breast cancer.