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Jocelyn has been in dentistry for 31 years and qualified as a dental hygienist in 1992 whilst serving in the Royal Navy. Jocelyn currently works in general practice at Confident Dental Care and Implant Centre in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Her recent interest in helping the mouths of cancer patients with their dental care before, during and after treatment has been a journey encouraged by family, friends and patients. In 2018 Jocelyn won The Probe national award Dental Hygienist of the Year and has recently been invited to be a Clinical Ambassador for the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

“OM, ulcers, dry mouth, erosion and decay are conditions that can affect the mouth of a cancer patient. The UKOMIC guidance is invaluable to professionals to help reduce these effects as far as possible and to make the journey of a cancer patient to be as good as it can be”

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