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JENKINS, Professor Valerie

Val Jenkins is a Research Professor and Deputy Director of SHORE-C (Sussex Health Outcomes, Research & Education in Cancer). She originally trained as a nurse in Wales, working in oncology at Velindre Hospital in Cardiff and then completed her BSc in Experimental Psychology (1986-1989) and DPhil in Neuropsychology (1993-1996) at the University of Sussex.

She has conducted research in the field of psychosocial oncology for over 30 years. Professor Jenkins has worked extensively on research projects aimed at improving our understanding about doctor/patient communication, especially that around randomised clinical trials. The training materials she developed with colleagues are now being used throughout the UK trials community and in other parts of the world. She was the chief investigator for several studies examining the impact of chemotherapy and aromatase inhibitors on cognition in national and international trials. Her other research interests include producing user-friendly patient information films and designing and evaluating ameliorative interventions to help with side effects from cancer treatments, e.g. and acupuncture to reduce xerostomia in head and neck cancer, and yoga for women recovering from breast cancer surgery.

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