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JAMES, Professor Nicholas David

Professor Nicholas David James BSc (First Class Honours) MBBS PhD FRCP FRCR


Professor James is Consultant in Clinical Oncology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of Birmingham.

Prof. James is internationally renowned for his work in Urological Cancer, particularly on the ground-breaking STAMPEDE trial, which has been used to evaluate, to date, 10 different therapies for advanced prostate cancer in more than 11,000 men. He is a regular educational speaker at conferences worldwide, recently including the American Society of Clinical Oncology, European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) and European Association of Urologists Annual Meetings. Results from STAMPEDE with both first line docetaxel chemotherapy 1,2 and abiraterone 3,4 have shown that big survival gains can be made by using existing treatments in novel settings. The New England Journal of Medicine in an editorial accompanying the abiraterone results in 2017 described these as “impressive” and an “important advance for …. metastatic prostate cancer” 5. Most recently, the third set of major results from STAMPEDE were presented at ESMO 2018 and published in the Lancet 6. These showed that for men with newly diagnosed metastatic disease of low volume, adding radiotherapy to the prostate to standard drug therapy improved survival times by about 25%.

In the bladder cancer field Prof James has led a series of trials of chemoradiotherapy culminating in the largest randomised trial in the field, published in the New England Journal of Medicine 7, with an accompanying editorial describing the study as “landmark”“practice changing”8. The trial demonstrated that low dose synchronous chemotherapy reduced invasive bladder cancer relapse rates by 43%.

Outside the clinical and research spheres, Prof James is a closely engaged with patient education initiatives. This is best exemplified by a series of music concerts, in collaboration with the world famous saxophonist Courtney Pine, entitled “It’s a Man Thing”. He also co-founded the leading website CancerHelp UK in 1994. In 2002 it became the main patient resource on the Cancer Research UK website.


Key publications: N D James


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