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HAWKINS, Prof Maria

A clinician scientist in precision radiotherapy committed to improving outcome through research investigating effects in normal tissue and novel agents– novel radiation combinations. Professor of Radiotherapy at University College London Sept 2019, having been an MRC Group leader, in Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, University of Oxford.

The research undertaken by her group is to develop new radiotherapy treatments to maximise clinical benefit in terms of better tumour control and reduction in toxicity. The novel radiotherapy techniques will, if successful, change routine clinical practice in high priority cancers. This is already showing impact in NHS practice through the proposed for commissioning of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy as standard of care for new indications (hepatocellular carcinoma); in the delivery of intensity modulated radiotherapy as the new standard of care for anal cancer and the basis of the national anal cancer trial.

She has developed and currently testing in clinical trials, novel stereotactic radiotherapy in cancers of unmet need (pancreas, hepatobilliary) and findings of radiobiology research are being investigated in 2 national studies. She is the CI of 4 CRUK funded trials including radiation novel agents combination in phase I, in the radical setting.

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