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HALL, Dr Marcia

Educated at Cheltenham Ladies College (St Austins 1975-81).  Trained in medicine at Guy’s Hospital Medical School – q1986.  Completed PhD at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now CRUK) working on cyclins and kinases.

Currently I work at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Hillingdon Hospital and Wexham Park Hospital.  I have a chair in translational oncology at Brunel University where I am exploring the use of circulating tumour cells and cell free DNA in the management of cancer patients.  I am also attempting to interest my clinical MVCC colleagues in academic pursuits to foster the ongoing research opportunities local to Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

I predominantly treat gynaecological cancers but also some colorectal cancers.   I am PI of many clinical trials at MVCC in both gynaecological and colorectal cancers and Chief Investigator for CoRInTH (pembrolizumab with chemoradiation in locally advanced T3-4 anal cancers) and CeNTuRIOn (rucaparib versus rucaparib nivolumab versus rucaparib, nivolumab and ipilimumab in relapsed ovarian cancer) clinical trials.  I was also CI for the OSCAR and METRO-BIBF clinical trials which are reporting this year.  I am a member of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Ovarian Cancer subgroup –participant on the Guideline Development Group for Ovarian Cancer convened under the umbrella of NICE. My professional aims are to care effectively for my patients with cancer, using evidence -based medicine where available and offering research trials of drugs and/or techniques where appropriate and possible.  I am currently Lead Clinician for Research and Development at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

Outside of medicine (– if there is any outside!), I have a great interest in music.  I have an ambition to take my grade 8 piano exam at some stage……I have become a very interested and committed gardener with a burgeoning vegetable plot and cutting flower patch.  I really enjoy the satisfaction of bringing in the harvest and preparing meals with this when I have the time. I have three growing up children  – 1 making her first foray into the workplace, 1 doing finals at university and 1 on a gap year– none interested in medicine which I suspect keeps us sane!

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