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Mariam Jamal-Hanjani completed her undergraduate degrees in Physics and Medicine at UCL, before commencing her clinical training in London. In 2012 Mariam was awarded a Cancer Research UK Clinical Research Fellowship at UCL to complete her PhD studies in the field of chromosomal instability and intratumour heterogeneity. Alongside Professor Charles Swanton she helped set-up the UK-wide CRUK studies TRACERx (TRAcking Cancer Evolution through therapy (Rx)) and PEACE (Posthumous Evaluation of Advanced Cancer Environment). As an NIHR Clinical Lecturer she combines her laboratory and clinical research at the UCL Cancer Institute with her clinical training in Medical Oncology at UCLH. Her research interests include the tracking of tumour evolution through longitudinal tissue and circulating biomarker sampling, and determining the impact of intratumour heterogeneity on therapeutic response and clinical outcomes.