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Dr Giuseppe Banna

Consultant Medical Oncologist, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust and Honorary Associate Professor, University of Portsmouth.

Dr Giuseppe Banna is Consultant Medical Oncologist at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust and Honorary Associate Professor at the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, University of Portsmouth.

Dr Banna’s expertise and current scientific focus is on: anticancer systemic treatments (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted agents and hormonal therapy) for lung cancer, prostate, bladder/urothelial, renal cancers and mesothelioma; development of predictive models for immunotherapy, particularly those incorporating blood immune-inflammatory indexes; conduction of systematic review and meta-analysis; design of investigator initiated studies with novel anticancer therapy combinations; development of projects for the assessment and monitoring of adherence to anticancer oral treatments; development of tools to facilitate frailty assessment in oncology.

Dr Banna has led more than 20 clinical and translational commercial and academic studies for lung and urology as Principal Investigator and joining European research networks. He has published approximately 200 scientific papers in peer-reviewed and indexed journals.


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