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CONNOLLY, Marie-Louise

BBC Northern Ireland’s Health Correspondent, Marie-Louise Connolly, has been at the corporation since 1992 and took on the health role in 2009. Marie-louise always tells the story with members of the public at the forefront.

We have watched her broadcasting stories around health and social care with special investigations into Muckamore Abbey Hospital, Mesh implants for men and women, The Bracca1 cancer gene, Mental health, cancer and NI’s hospital waits – the worst times in Europe. . Most recently we have watched her almost daily reporting on coronavirus – a relentless task as we have watched families being devastated by the virus as thousands of lives have been lost. Marie-Louise told us about the first positive case and the first life to be taken here in NI. It’s a 24/7 role and in the last 2 years at least her feet haven’t touched the ground.  How did she get into journalism?   well after completing a degree in politics at Queen’s University, she studied a masters in journalism at Dublin City University. From there she travelled to Texas to cut her teeth working in  a radio station filing stories back home to Radio Ulster and then landed a job in the  BBC –  a cub reporter on Good morning ulster, then Talk Back and of course as they say the rest is history.  Keeping her sane at home is husband Aidan and her kids Niamh and Rory. They keep her feet on the ground by imitating her on the screen  and ensuring there is always a bottle of wine cooling in the fridge.

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