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Dr David Chang is a Reader in Surgery at University of Glasgow. His research focus on the development and implementation of novel therapeutic strategies for pancreatic cancer particularly around DNA-damage response deficiency, by utilising molecular biomarkers of therapeutic response. Dr Chang undertook his pancreatic surgical fellowship, PhD, and post-doctoral training in Australia. He was recruited to University of Glasgow in 2013, as part of an initiative to implement precision medicine in Scotland and the UK. He co-leads Precision-Panc, a Cancer Research UK precision medicine programme to deliver personalised cancer care for pancreatic cancer, and is the overall translational lead. Dr Chang is also involved in the Precision Promise, a Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (USA) precision medicine initiative. He also contributes to ICGC-ARGO, aiming to shape the future of the next generation cancer genomic projects to ultimately realise the goals and promises of precision medicine.


Clinically Dr Chang is a Consultant Pancreatic Surgeon at the West of Scotland Pancreatic Unit in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, a tertiary pancreatic referral centre for the West of Scotland. As a surgeon scientist, he aims to shorten the distance between the bench and the clinic to ensure meaningful and seamless translation.