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PARTON, Dr Marina (Chair)

Dr Marina Parton is a Medical Oncologist in Breast Cancer at The Royal Marsden and Kingston Hospital. Appointed to The Royal Marsden Consultant Body in 2009, she received her oncology training at The Royal Marsden and carried out her research in neoadjuvant therapy in breast cancer as part of a MD at The Institute of Cancer Research with Professors Dowsett and Smith.


Dr Parton is Lead Cancer Clinician in The Royal Marsden’s satellite chemotherapy unit, a joint venture with Kingston Hospital and Macmillan Cancer Support as well as leading breast clinics at The Royal Marsden in Chelsea. She has published in breast cancer research, and is principle investigator in a number of clinical trials at The Royal Marsden and Kingston Hospital. She has previously been Chair of the Acute Oncology Group at The Royal Marsden, part of the Breast Pathway Group at London Cancer Alliance (LCA) and co-chair of the LCA Chemotherapy Closer to Home Group. She is involved in a number of national educational groups and meetings in early and secondary breast cancer, and co-edited Breast Cancer Survivorship; consequences of early breast cancer treatment. Dr Parton was member of the NICE Early Breast Guidelines update (published 2018).

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