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BAULD, Prof Linda

Professor Linda Bauld is Bruce and John Usher Chair in Public Health in the Usher Institute, College of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Linda is a behavioural scientist whose research focuses on two main areas: the evaluation of public health interventions, and how research can inform health policy. Since 2014, she has combined her academic roles with a secondment to Cancer Research UK as the charity’s cancer prevention adviser.  Linda currently leads two research Consortia – the GCRF funded Tobacco Control Capacity Programme, involving research teams in five countries in Africa and three in South Asia – and SPECTRUM, a UK Prevention Research Partnership Consortium involving 10 UK University research teams and the main public health agencies in the UK, along with NGO alliances focusing on the primary prevention of cancer and other non-communicable diseases in the UK. During the Covid-19 crisis she has been a regular contributor to print and broadcast media on approaches to addressing the pandemic and serves as adviser to the Scottish parliament on Covid-19.