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WARDLEY, Andrew Dr

Clinical Director of The Christie NIHR/CRUK Clinical Research Facility

Dr Wardley has been Consultant Medical Oncologist for breast cancer at The Christie since 2001. He led the Christie Hospital Breast Cancer Research Team to become the most successful breast cancer research team in the UK. He has an international reputation for breast cancer research. In 2005 he was one of the founding members of Manchester Breast Centre (MBC). Dr Wardley has been Clinical Director of the Early Phase Trials Unit since December 2011 and led the successful bid for £4.5M funding from the National Institute for Health Research for clinical research facilities. He formed and chairs The Christie Early Phase Trials Group, which aims to promote the rapid development of new targeted therapies and innovative treatments in cancer care, and to promote the advancement of personalised medicine. Dr Wardley has been Clinical Lead for Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy since February 2011 and Chair is of Systemic Therapies Research Theme. He is committed to excellence through personal involvement in direct patient care, training, audit, research and effecting change.