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RAMIREZ, Amanda J Professor

Consultant Psychiatrist
Emeritus Professor of Liaison Psychiatry & Psycho-Oncology, King’s College London
Clinical Lead for Psychological Support Services, Leaders in Oncology Care

Professor Amanda Ramirez is a liaison psychiatrist, with particular expertise in the management of psychological distress among people affected by cancer.   She sees patients and carers who have developed anxiety, depression, problems with personal relationships, communication with health professionals, psychosexual difficulties, body image problems, alcohol and drug-related problems

She has led a research programme at King’s College London, which has focussed on the psychological consequences of cancer, promoting awareness and early diagnosis of cancer and burnout among oncologists. Professor Ramirez has written over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

She leads the development of psychological services at the London Oncology Clinic and facilitates communication and psychological skills training for cancer clinicians across the UK.

She has led the development of national policy on improving the cancer patient experience, as the national clinical lead for supportive cancer care. She also led the development of the new written information for the NHS breast, bowel and cervical cancer screening programmes.